Monday, 18 March 2013

Here we go then

I guess I've started this blog because I've come to a place of understanding about some of what is at work in our World today and i can't really sit by and do nothing anymore. That's not to say that i think this will make much difference anywhere or to anyone, or that i am some great resource of information, i'm not! But i have over the last year or so worked my way out of patterns of low depression and self loathing and its taken beginning to understand the system of our world better for me to start to reclaim my own mind and my own true self. Once we can start to understand some of the things at work on us all, all the time, that are there to essentially separate us from understanding our true higher self and each other we find that its possible to understand what it is to be truly human. I only talk like this not through any sort of arrogance, or because i think i know more about something than someone else, but because i have come back, through empowering myself with knowledge, from the brink of feeling subhuman. Feeling like i had no place in this world, or in life in general, and not understanding why, and coming to my own(however basic) understanding of this system has helped me start to rise above.  I know many other people will feel this way, in this day and age i find it more and more difficult to just "be happy" or "go with the flow" because once you start to look even a little at the state the systems and people of our World are in, it becomes very difficult to understand how,in a world so brutal and unjust, you are supposed to just ignore the suffering and death all around us and go back to the western philosophy of "work-consume-die". There has to be more to life than this, and i know there is, but as long as THE SYSTEM OF THIS WORLD is in place i don't see any end in sight. We live in a oligarchical system of slavery, and i'm well aware that may sound like conspiracy nut-job babble but its the truth. I wanted to start a blog, if nothing else for my own outlet, but mainly to try and get through the masses of dis info and manipulation going on out there in internet land, because i know, I've waded through an awful lot of it. Everything from UFO's to demons to biblical prophecy and ancient sciences to the current new age movement, which until recently i was totally absorbed by. So much of these subjects out there have truth within them, but are spun in certain ways to keep people in various states of mind control, that's the bottom line. And why? So that the people who run the system of this world can, among other goals,  bring us obediently through the transitional period from the current world stage to the next. The NEW world order, because we are currently living in their world order, and now are just moving to the next stage. I think i should say as well that i will probably assume some prior knowledge about some of what i'm talking about here but that's because as i say, i wouldn't have been able to come to my current empowered mind frame without first being caught up in all the nonsense that's out there, then starting to cut through it all. But that's just me. We're all different. I just want to at least try in some way to help anyone i can who sincerely wants to find TRUTH and wants to know thy self, because that's ultimately what this is all about. And I think to truly do that, you have to start questioning everything, and yourself. Which of course is pretty much the most difficult thing for a human being to do, to truly search inwardly and honestly for your own self, but its my opinion that this is a big part of being human. And its exactly this (among other things!) that the elite force in charge of our World and ultimately the vast majority of our lives wants to take away your ability to do. So i basically am starting small with this blog as i now feel i have enough understanding (just!) to start trying to speak my truth and to get others to seek their own truth. To be an individual, their own true self, without all the influence of media lies and indoctrination, of religious dogma, mind control and government issued fear! And that's not so say that i think i'm there at all, i just wanted to start this blog because this is where i am with it, i want to speak out to others and hopefully spark feedback and ideas. Cos something's got to change before it's too late, and the only way we can do that is to stop arguing about crap that doesn't matter and start looking at the real issues and the BIG picture. But i can tell you now i feel better already just for writing this! 
Peace to all

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